Feel The Love Of CHRISmas

I like to consider myself a problem solver… And apparently there’s a little issue with that pesky Jebus guy poking his head into our holidays… I mean… When I think “peace on earth”—I think of the federal government!.. Don’t you…

Joy to the United Nations… All I Want For Christmas Is An Intercontinental Ballistic Missile… Do You Fear What I Fear… Romney The No Man… I could go on and on…

Though I am not religious in any form… I am a man who appreciates tradition… I enjoy the relation Christmas has to the church… I don’t know why they are related… I don’t really care… That’s how I was raised… And for me Christmas is the one time of year that I think really hard about going to church… Maybe even toss a few bucks in one of those baskets… The baskets that are attached to six-foot poles… Jebus must have had a swimming pool… Why the hell else would he have pool skimmers in his house?..

What about the manger scenes placed around communities… The one we used to visit had real people in it… Great holiday memory… What I don’t get is why?.. Why all of a sudden does everyone have a problem with Christmas relating to Christianity?.. And even more importantly… Is there a compromise?.. Of course there is!..

I would like to officially propose that we drop the “T” in Christmas… That’s right… We could solve the entire problem with the elimination of one letter… CHRISmas will be a merry holiday… A holiday to celebrate all of the great people named Chris… But mostly me… You will not get presents… You will “get to” give them to me… And I… I in turn will scoff… Because your gift will never compare to the gift I am about to receive… My very own Holiday… Sweet!..

merry chrismas to all — and to all a good night – chriscondello

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2 thoughts on “Feel The Love Of CHRISmas

  1. tfaswift says:

    You’re an arrogant so and so, aren’t you! LMAO. No that’s not even a question. Is it real, or a cover for your secretly sensitive nature? Don’t even try to deny being sensitive, your blog is a giant sandwich board advertising it. I love it by the way. And no, I don’t expect you to answer. 😉


  2. Tony Condello says:

    CHRISmas?!?!?! Over the top.


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