Preston Freshly

It holds down the right side… Of my WordPress reader… Top of the class… Best of the best…

I strive to beat you… I long to be you…

Two short months… We have been friends… Now I’m here to learn… But every lesson ends…

Every lesson ends… But lessons never end…

From life to literature… Science to sci-fi… Words I never knew… Styles and structure…

You are my teacher… And I am your student…

One day this Preston guy… Preston Freshly that’s Pressed for short… Will venture to my neck of the cyber woods… To sit on a log…

And read my blog… And wonder if I’m good enough…

Don’t press me… Don’t you dare press me… But if you do… Please press me freshly…

thankful for all of you, my teachers – chriscondello

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6 thoughts on “Preston Freshly

  1. SimplySage says:

    I’ve given up on them and just blog for my own pleasure. Less pressure and more fun. However, I do learn a lot from the Daily Post on blogging in general and I think I’ve come a long way.


  2. Interesting and creative. I look forward to spending more time with your blog.


  3. Tell ya what, you sure deserve it,, my friend!!!!!


  4. Thank you for liking my Virgin It is true And the fact that you liked it means the world to me I consider you a friend


  5. sortaginger says:

    I love your posts. Hopefully, the WP powers that be figure out what you have here soon.


  6. tfaswift says:

    Just browsing around your blog, I can see that you are a very interesting person and clearly a “deep thinker”. I know you have loads of followers and feedback, but it would mean a lot to me if you could come over to my little blog and see if you might like to answer one of the questions in my blogging challenge. You seem like someone who could provide a fascinating answer. I have 5 questions to choose from, so I’m sure you’d find something that you would feel happy to answer. This is my blog if you’d be so kind as to take a look The blogging challenge is in the Slider at the top of the home page. I have 5 interesting questions and people like you, who think outside the box, are just the kind of people that I love to hear from. Thanks for considering it! Either way, even if you choose not to do it, you have a great blog and I really admire your lifestyle. 🙂


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