Sunshine And Rainbows

The first drops of life roll out of the sky… A sign of things to come… Cold fronts coming from the west… But the clouds are from the south… Puffy and cumulus… Probably full of rain… Coming to wash the earth… Of the filth and pain…

Winter weather often lacks moisture… Because the forest lacks leaves… powerful cold fronts crawl across the country… And tap into the gulf of mexico… Warm moist air is pulled up the east coast… Mixing with the cold… And we have snow…

Sometimes this front originates in the south… Starts off as heavy tropical rains… Eventually the storm will break free of the tropics… And rush up the coast… When the warm gulf air meets the icy grip of the north… We have snow… We have a nor’easter…

Tracking is everything… And computers make observation easy… When you know bad weather is coming… Go out and observe… Observe the trees… Observe the animals… Observe the energy… It’s all around you… You just have to learn how to see… The weatherman has taken all of the guesswork out of the equation… We now know when it is going to storm… Now take that computer information and relate it to real life… Fill in the natural blanks… Learn how to read natures map…

Distant rain has a smell… Wind often pushes that smell out in front of the storm… One of the first signs of things to come… Something I always notice… Something you should too… Because it’s not always sunshine and rainbows… When it rains it pours… But nature always informs those who listen…

Learn that a rainbow doesn’t always signify the end of the storm… It can also signify the start… Not every storm is destructive… Not all destruction is bad… It’s possible that destruction… Can create beauty and life…

the rainbows over me, but it never lands on me – chriscondello

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10 thoughts on “Sunshine And Rainbows

  1. petrujviljoen says:

    Hi. This comment is not about this particular blog. Or rather, it is not a comment, it is a question. I’m new to gardening. Started a herb and veggie garden. I found, at first, my grass onions neatly ‘cut off’ at ground level. The plant itself still stands as such, but when I find it dying over time I paid closer inspection and found this. This with my celery as well. Some people say it is not moles but others say it is. The plants are too big for cutworm. Do you know what it is (voles?, field mice?) and what can I do to save my potatoes, celery and onions for myself?


  2. orbphotog says:

    Congratulations! I have nominated you for Blog of the Year 2012 award. Well deserved! Here is a link to the rules of the award: I hope you enjoy.


  3. chef mimi says:

    I have nominated you for the best blog of the year 2012 award! hope that’s ok! here’s the info:


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  5. Everytime I call by your blog, I find something great to read. Love this piece too xxx


  6. Immanuell Domunge says:

    Wrote a poem about rain and a rainbow when I was twenty years olde. Likle your´s.


  7. Weather watching is one of my favorite things to do. Life is a constant cycle of endings and new beginnings. Thanks for this post.


  8. I’m very sorry to have to mention this, but the lightning strike/rainbow looks a bit Photoshop to me.
    Forgive me if I’m wrong. And it’s still a very striking image


  9. sortaginger says:

    Beautiful. I needed this today. Thank you!


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