The Abandoned House Trap

100_2073So the boys in the old truck are back on the street… 6:30 in the morning with no business here… House by house they check for a way in… No idea that I am quietly watching… Waiting… Knowing the blue house is wide open… Why?.. Because I have been expecting them…

Going in will be easy… But coming out… Oh coming out will not be so easy… The screws are already secured in the door… All you have to do is close it… And you will have a bad morning…

Abandoned houses are common targets of scrap thieves, lately the problem has been urban explorers. Kids from the suburbs get a kick out of going into old abandoned buildings, and since there aren’t any abandoned buildings in their neighborhoods, they come to mine. Most of the houses on my street are pretty securely boarded up, it would take a great deal of time and labor to get into one of them.

Some of the houses have been abandoned for 10+ years and are showing signs of it, the 100-year-old slate roofs are well past their life expectancy and now leak profusely. I can not begin to stress how dangerous these buildings are, I’m talking one mouse fart away from collapse… I do not want to worry about someone killing themselves in any of these buildings…

I used to chase people out of the neighborhood when I saw them, a recent unnecessary confrontation made me reconsider this plan. Now I take a passive approach using a trap I designed myself, my non-lethal way of handling the un-welcome guests.

DoorIllustrationFirst thing you need to find is an abandoned house that is in good condition, then secure the hell out of every window and door… Except one… Open the door as far as it will open and make sure it is a solid door with a solid door jamb, starting one inch up drive 10 3″- 4″ screws through the bottom of the door at a 45 degree angle. The screws should exit through the bottom of the door and extend to where they touch the floor, once they touch the floor, turn them an extra turn. The door should be able to close, but once it closes the screws prevent it from opening back up… The more screws you add the harder the door will be to open. occasionally you may have to close the door yourself, but most people close doors behind them regardless if it’s an abandoned house.

Apparently something has todays visitors a little spooked, they are looking at the open door but won’t go in. I know from seeing them in the past that they always close the door when they enter, for safety reasons I assume… But safety is the last thing they should feel around here, someone is always watching. And when I do get them into my trap, it will be the cops that get them out… Not me…

I have yet to get to test my trap out, but I will sure let you all know how it goes when I do get to test it. I also have a design for a racoon trap using nothing more than a garbage can and some ply wood, ill post that sometime in the future… From experience, I know it works better than any store purchased trap…

peace – chriscondello

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  1. petrujviljoen says:

    I support your thinking and actions.


  2. Neat. Let us know. Walk on the wildside, eh?


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