Control Guns or Control People

wilkinsburg_shootingThe recent tragedy in Connecticut has me thinking about guns, a subject very near and dear to my heart. I grew up playing “army” in the woods by my house, we used to have entire birthday parties centered around plastic guns and the local woods. My brother and I took a rifle safety course, and we also took the hunters safety course. Guns have always been a part of my life and always will be, I believe in my right to own one.

Guns have many modern-day uses other than protection, used responsibly guns provide recreation as well as an opportunity to teach safe handling practices. I believe we should be allowed to own guns… At least rifles intended for sport… I can also understand home protection… But assault rifles… Seriously people… All guns were designed with one purpose…To kill… But assault rifles were created with the intention to kill “many” people… Assault style… There’s not one single person in America, or anywhere for that matter, that has a reason to own something capable of doing that much damage.

Gun safety is actually easy to teach, it should be taught to everyone. Never point a gun at anything you are not willing to kill, this rule is an absolute that for some reason still needs to be taught to just about everyone who has not been told this before. Always assume a gun is loaded, even if you just checked it and are absolutely positive it is empty. Never touch the trigger unless you are ready to shoot, literally never touch the trigger until the moment before you fire the weapon. It should be taught at a young age that a gun will kill someone, sometimes learning how to safely handle a gun is the best deterrant… Once you shoot a gun, you will respect it…

So do we need fewer guns, or more guns? This seems to be one of the arguments going on in America at the moment, I personally believe the assault weapons ban should be brought back into play, I just can’t seem to rationalize anyone having them. I’m not really sure how I feel about handguns though… They are currently controlled to a much higher standard than rifles and shotguns, and ownership is strictly forbidden to anyone with felonies. But I have to be honest… Some of the most unstable people I have ever met in my life own handguns, and not only own handguns, but had government issued concealed carry permits and carry a gun everywhere they go… I’m serious!..

So how do you regulate that? Some people say it is the people with psychiatric disabilities that are the problem, they are the ones that need controlled. So what they are saying is instead of fewer guns, we need less crazy people! Well I hate to break it to you, as times get crazy, people get crazy.

I don’t think we can control everyone with any inkling of a psychiatric disorder, not to mention the fact that certain “events” can trigger psychiatric episodes that may not have ever been present in the past. We can’t lock up every person with a psychiatric disorder, we can’t even afford to keep the few state hospitals we did have available open now, how are we going to create more?

So we can’t control the crazies… I think we are obviously going to have to control the guns… Anything with a high-capacity… As far as handguns are concerned… I think the restrictions on ownership should be doubled… It sucks… But it is what I believe… We really can’t control every human being in America, but we can control the amount of firepower that is available to them…

guns were designed to kill – chriscondello

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7 thoughts on “Control Guns or Control People

  1. i’m british, so biased, anyone who wants to own a gun seems crazy to me, unless they are hunting for meat (as a vegetarian, not even rocksolid on that!) and they could be hired at the places where hunting is allowed.
    i liked chris rock’s take on it a while back- everyone can have a gun, but make ammo $20,000 a bullet/cartridge…
    as for the way the NRA is offering to put a gunman in every school foyer…WTF?
    please watch runaway jury for some serious info on the weapons industry underneath the entertainment…
    nuclear weapons are MAD (mutually assured destruction) but so are guns in a civilised country, and the way to civilise is not through force but education…tax every gun at $10,000 and fund better schools?
    glad you are clear on who loses it, most people with autism are LESS capable of mass murder or gun and knife crime as they implode, not explode with stress…
    from the outside, america really needs to look at what is going wrong and how expanding influence overseas historically has messed up every society that tried it…the romans, the chinese, the british empire has SUCH a shameful history…time to mend the broken communities at home – and you, chris, are a star for what you do, your ripple effect must be beyond what you can imagine…
    finally, happy CHRIS-mas 😉


  2. M.R. says:

    It seems so simple, don’t it, Chris? – so logical? And we have to sit back and wonder why in the name of all the gods we ever invented there are so many people who want to be allowed to have whatever and however many guns they want. Can’t work it out.


  3. vsperry says:

    Chris, you have eloquently stated exactly how I feel. While I am devastated by the recent events, I am happy that there is so much more conversation about this. It seems I’m hearing from more and more people who own guns that semi-automatic guns have absolutely no useful purpose in society except to kill lots of people in a short amount of time. Thanks for your post.


  4. Amen, Chris! I couldn’t agree with you more–especially about the fact that psychosis can be triggered in folks with no previous mental health issues! Excellent insight!


  5. sortaginger says:

    Thank you for posting what I have been wanting to say. “Because I can” is not a good enough reason for someone to own such a high-powered weapon.


  6. Assault rifles are a clear no-need-to-have. Gun ownership? I’m never sure on this. There’s a school of thought that says if you’ve got a gun, and you aren’t in uniform, then you’re a bad guy. But that assumes that people in uniform aren’t ever bad guys.
    I’m a Brit, and used to spend time in Utah, and after three days of being there I counted as a temporary resident and could legitimately go to a gun shop and buy a gun. That seems plain stupid and dangerous to me


  7. caroray78 says:

    Articulate, and as always, well written. You seem to have covered most scenarios. As a Brit (although, of course we have guns), it’s not in our constitution for us to own a gun, apart from for participating in sport. Having said that, we have had a few ‘mad’ people go on the rampage in the past. On behalf of your British friends; we are sending our prayers to all the victims and their families.


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