One Cloudy Week In April – Frick Park


“Log Jammer” – © chriscondello 2013 – Duck Hollow, PA – In what can only be described as a foul-smelling cesspool on the banks of the Monongahela River, Duck Hollow is the area where Frick Parks Nine Mile Run empties into the river. I had to go through 50′ of mud and hop on stones for another hundred to get this photo.

The past week has not really been one of creation for me… Given the sudden loss of a very close friend it has been more of a week of observation and reflection… This post is simply a gallery of the places I stopped to reflect… I broke the week up into two posts… Natures creations in Frick Park… And my creations in the garden… I hope you enjoy them… – April 13, 2013 – April 20, 2013


“Spicy Red Trillium” – © chriscondello 2013 – Trillium erectum – Frick Park – Pittsburgh, PA – To happen to be in the right place at the right time to see the red trillium bloom is cool… But to be able to see them in a Pittsburgh city park is special…


“School of Trout Lily” – © chriscondello 2013 – Erythronium americanum – Frick Park – Pittsburgh, PA – At the top of a trail is a small cave with a trickle of a stream flowing out, these trout lily grow about 50 yards down the hill… A very healthy population…


“What Me Worry” – Curious Red Squirrel – Frick Park – Pittsburgh, PA – I don’t normally take wildlife photos but… This guy got so close to me I had to take a photograph to prove it…


“Lonely Bird Cherry” – © chriscondello 2013 – Prunus avium – Found this young wild cherry tree clinging to the side of a steep slope…


“Toadshade” – © chriscondello 2013 – Trillium sessile – Frick Park – Pittsburgh, PA – I have been checking on these regularly to try to catch them in bloom…


“Mighty Plant” – © chriscondello 2013 – Tussilago farfara – Frick Park – Pittsburgh, PA – Some plants can grow in the decomposing material consisting primarily of themselves…


“Lesser Celandine” – © chriscondello 2013 – Rananculus ficaria – Frick Park – Pittsburgh, PA – Commonly mistaken as a wildflower, it is actually an exotic invasive from Asia.

One Cloudy Week in April – My Garden –

peace – chriscondello

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  1. --Rick says:

    Very nice.


  2. Cathy says:

    Sorry about your loss Chris. Those beautiful Trillium and one of my favourites – the Coltsfoot – are soothing for the soul.


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