One Cloudy Week in April – My Garden


“Broke Ass Ladder To Heaven – © chriscondello 2013 – Wilkinsburg, PA – I love Bluebells… And old wooden ladders…

The past week has not really been one of creation for me… Given the sudden loss of a very close friend it has been more of a week of observation and reflection… This post is simply a gallery of the places I stopped to reflect… I broke the week up into two posts… Natures creations in Frick Park… And my creations in the garden… I hope you enjoy them… – April 13, 2013 – April 20, 2013


“Pink Parrot” – © chriscondello 2013 – Wilkinsburg, PA – I love three things… Death Metal… Beer… And Pink Fringed Parrot Tulips…


“Sunrays to Red” – © chriscondello 2013 – Wilkinsburg, PA – The sun came out for a few moments this evening… Right place… Right time… Right eyes…


“Urban Beauty” – © chriscondello 2013 – Wilkinsburg, PA – I find these daffodils growing all around the neighborhood, they must have been popular at one time. I like the urban look of the fence in the background… When I sat here and squinted my eyes… The daffodil appeared to be floating in the pattern… That is what I was trying to capture in this photo…


“Heuchera and Sweet Woodruff” – © chriscondello 2013 – Wilkinsburg, PA – I am a Heuchera fanatic, I have around 15 cultivars currently… Though I’m always looking for more…


“Signs of Wine” – © chriscondello 2013 – Wilkinsburg, PA – Again… I really love ladders… This is a Niagara Seedless White Grape growing along a recycles wooden ladder in my backyard… I need a minimum of 15 ladders for my projects this summer… So…


“Feed Me Seymour” – © chriscondello 2013 – Wilkinsburg, PA – I plant only the coolest tulips in my yard… The black tulips will be blooming soon…


“Beauty Behind Bars” – © chriscondello 2013 – Wilkinsburg, PA – Tulips in my front yard… I was pulling weeds in my herb garden when I caught a glimpse of these tulips against my freshly pruned hedges… The vertical branches made the orange tulips pop…

One Cloudy Week in April – Frick Park –

peace – chriscondello

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3 thoughts on “One Cloudy Week in April – My Garden

  1. bcumings1973 says:

    Sorry for your loss Chris. I hope your gardens can bring you peace.


  2. Rosie says:

    Here in California is a place called Filola. The tulips blooming there this spring were increadable. Although it is a highly maintined formal garden, on a ‘country’ estate, there a small wild places, and beauty that is breath taking. I hope if you ever come to California, you will make it a stop. If you wish to see the pictures I took of it this spring, it is on my new blog. And Chris, my heart goes out to you. *hugs*


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