Frick Park Fireworks


“Touch-Me-Not” – © chriscondello 2013 – Frick Park – Pittsburgh, PA – Impatiens capensis – A traditional remedy for skin rashes… Although… Controlled studies have shown that this plant has no value for that purpose… I have used it on poison ivy as I had been told it would be effective… It was not…


“Asiatic Dayflower” – © chriscondello 2013 – Frick Park – Pittsburgh, PA – Commelina communis – Native to Asia… A noxious weed in the United States… Common in disturbed soil… In China this plant is used as an anti-inflammatory…


“Heal-All” – © chriscondello 2013 – Frick Park – Pittsburgh, PA – Prunella vulgaris – Heal-All is an edible plant… The Cherokee cooked and ate the young leaves… The plant contains vitamins A,C, and K… This plant was considered by the Chinese to change the course of chronic illness…


“Oxeye” – © chriscondello 2013 – Frick Park – Pittsburgh, PA – Heliopsis helianthoides – I don’t really know what to say about this plant… It’s great for attracting pollinating insects… And cut flowers… Did I mention insects?..


“Frick Park Hollow” – © chriscondello 2013 – Frick Park – Pittsburgh, PA – This is a small swamp below the Homewood cemetery… Very green… Very lush… And the location of a plant that has been on my bucket list for the last few years… This photograph was taken standing on a dead oak tree… I was able to walk all the way out into the middle of the swamp on the tree…


“Ghost Plant” – © chriscondello 2013 – Frick Park – Pittsburgh, PA – Monotropa uniflora – Also known as Indian Pipe and Corpse Plant… Generally a rare plant… Unlike most plants… It is white and does not contain chlorophyll… Instead of generating energy from the sunlight it is parasitic… More specifically… It is a mycoheterotroph… Meaning it ultimately gets its energy from photosynthetic trees…


“Red Shrooms” – © chriscondello 2013 – Frick Park – Pittsburgh, PA – I really don’t know much about mushrooms… But I thought this one was cool… Typically… Edible things in nature do not develop a bright red coloring to tempt us into eating them… They are typically a warning… Though I have no idea about this particular specimen…

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