Trees Have Feelings Too


“Injured Soldier” – © chriscondello 2013 – Summit Street – Wilkinsburg, PA – Allow me to apologize for the quality of these photographs… I was being paid to clean up this tree… Not make art… This photo does illustrate a great gardening lesson… If you don’t prune your trees… Nature will prune them for you… Often with devastating consequences…

Today I worked removing a massive pile of branches that had fallen out of a 100 year old maple tree during our last storm. Some of the branches were massive, in total I would say this tree lost 50% of its spread… Much of which is still precariously dangling above…

This is a task I have done a million times, I can normally glide through a mess twice this size in half the time. But today was different, today I spent the majority of my morning frustratingly trying to muscle this tangled mess apart. When I stopped for lunch, I decided to go sit underneath the tree, I immediately noticed what I can only describe as a generally sad feeling.


“Fallen Bones” – © chriscondello 2013 – Summit Street – Wilkinsburg, PA – To me… This is like cleaning up a battlefield… This photo was snapped before I started… The branches were 6′ deep and covered an entire backyard…

So imagine me… Sitting next to a tree… Getting bad vibes… While staring at a pile of sandstone rocks left over from a garage that is now unrecognizable… It was at this moment that I realized what I had to do…


“Spiritual Band aid” – © chriscondello 2013 – Summit Street – Wilkinsburg, PA – As I was dragging branches down to the hill… I began carrying stones up it… After the job was completed… I made the tree a friend…

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  1. That was a sweet thing to do for the poor injured tree.


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