A Plant A Day Till Spring – Day 8 – Bleeding Hearts


“Bleeding Hearts” – Spring 2012 – Whitney Avenue – Wilkinsburg, PA

“A Plant a Day till Spring” will highlight one plant a day, starting on the winter solstice (December 21, 2013)… And ending on the vernal equinox (March 20, 2014)… If all goes to plan I will be starting with old Snowdrop photos from 2013… And ending with new photos of Snowdrops in 2014

Formerly known as Dicentra spectabilis… Lamprocapnos spectabilis is better known by the common name “Bleeding Hearts”… It is a species of flowering plant in the Poppy family Papaveraceae… A few other common names are “Dutchman’s Breeches”, “Lyre Flower”, and “Lady-in-a-Bath”…

Bleeding Heart is a herbaceous perennial that grows from a rhizome… Flowering occurs in spring and early summer… Up to 20 flowers form per stem… This plant is a bit confusing due to the fact that some years it will die down to the ground mid-summer leaving a hole in the garden… While others it will remain green up until the first frost… I personally like to plant Hosta around the plant… When the plant begins to brown I cut it to the ground… The hosta leaves then grow over my pruned plant…


“Lady-in-a-Bath” – Spring 2013 – Whitney Avenue – Wilkinsburg, PA – Bleeding Heart floaters in a dyed puddle… Evening light…

Bleeding Hearts should be grown in full sun if you live in a cooler climate… Though they tend to be pretty tolerant of shade anywhere else… Here in Pittsburgh, PA I consider it a part to full-shade perennial… In my own experience all day sun will burn the leaves to a crisp…

Bleeding hearts will self-seed if left to their own… The roots tend to be very brittle… Divisions are best done in late fall… Early spring will work as well… This plant can grow as tall as a human… In full sun they can become enormous… I recommend dividing every 3 or 4 years… Not only does it keep the plants height regulated… It offers an opportunity to share… And that’s what gardening… And my blog are all about… Sharing…

plant petunias and question everything – chriscondello

New To writing and never had to site sources before… These “Plant a Day Till Spring” posts are simply intended to kill time until spring… My source is Wikipedia.org… The photography is all my own… And I am adding my own information… But much of this is just related from the web…

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3 thoughts on “A Plant A Day Till Spring – Day 8 – Bleeding Hearts

  1. You know, I’m not really a ‘flower-girl’ but these posts are busy turning me round. I just made a new space in the lawn for specifically flowering plants, something that does its own thing. I hope I can get this plant here in South Africa. I often find the beauty in the design of different flowers almost impossible to absorb. I’m busy training a creeper rose bush around my front door, that’s how soppy I’m getting.


  2. Lynda says:

    I have never had any success with the plant when in California. Thought about trying here (n Alabama) but will wait try again when we move to our new place. We have acid soil here, which is what I thought they wanted, but it is clay. Any tips for me on this one?


  3. narf77 says:

    What an interesting plant! I am having fun finding out about ornamental perennials. I tend to stick to trees but learning about understory perennials is most interesting. I think there is room on Serendipity Farm for some bleeding hearts. We have Solomon’s Seal and plenty of room for expansion of attractive mats of perennials. Cheers for the share 🙂


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