Photographic Confessions – Observation and Spring


“God Speedwell” – Whitney Avenue – Wilkinsburg, PA – It has been a good while since my last photographic confession… Now that spring has arrived plants are my obsession… Camera in hand and pruners in pocket… Green thumbed vagabond based on my docket…


“Early Pair” – Whitney Avenue – Wilkinsburg, PA – Color bursting forth from my golden lawn… Purple and yellow reminiscent of dawn… Grey and brown a reminder of winter… Crocus blossoms after the Snowdrops whither…


“Lone Stripe” – Whitney Avenue – Wilkinsburg, PA – Sun pours down between the rainshine… Through the clouds streaking in laser-straight lines… Across the lawn the mist is on the move… Clearing the way for the bees to groove…


“Gooseberry Surprise” – Whitney Avenue – Wilkinsburg, PA – Something about the sweet smell of spring… Living in a neighborhood where the church bells ring… Noon is marked by a song and twelve chimes… Rainfall puts perspective on the love of sunshine…


“Sweet Alyssum Sunshine” – Garden Dreams Urban Farm – Holland Avenue – Wilkinsburg, PA – When the clouds clear the sun shines bright… The hours of light absorb the night… A constant reminder that winter has passed… Flowers spring forth from the emerging grass…


“The Mighty Hazelnut Blossom” – Hamnett Place Community Garden – Wilkinsburg, PA – The first of the trees prepare to blossom… Hyacinth grow¬†around the trees bare bottom… A cardinal calls from a naked branch… Harkening spring with a vocal dance…


“Almost Black and White” – Center Avenue – Wilkinsburg, PA – Today I confess my obsession with spring… A natural surprise is what nature brings… But a hundred at most in our tiny life… Celebrate the journey by letting go of your strife…

plant petunias and question everything – chriscondello

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5 thoughts on “Photographic Confessions – Observation and Spring

  1. SimplySage says:

    Exceptional photos and poetry, Chris. Nice job!


  2. lelahb39 says:

    SPRING!!!!! God, I walked home the other day and was looking a fool ‘casuse I kept lying down to see the flowers as close up as possible. ha! Its so great to have vibrant color return to the ground! ….as always, I appreciate your magickal and mad skills with a camera.


  3. Aggie says:

    The way you get your photo focused on the flower, with the background blurred — can I do that with my cheap camera, and will you please tell me how? Thank you.


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