Keystone State Park – Between Rain Showers


Keystone State Park – Westmoreland County, PA – The evening of May 3rd, 2014 – Sunset… Lakeside… Reflections of life… Reflections of heaven… Reflections of what can only be considered paradise…


Keystone State Park – Westmoreland County, PA – The sun setting into a massive thunderstorm… Lakeside Alder catkins… Campfire smoke…


“Abstract Reflections” – Keystone State Park – Westmoreland County, PA – Sunset illuminating the grassy shore… Heavenly reflection in the mountain clear water…


James A. Kell Visitors Center – Keystone State Park – Westmoreland County, PA – I had to wait for the sun to be in just the right spot for this photograph to be possible… After a day of off and on rain showers… I was pretty sure I was going to have to wait… Then the skies opened up… The sun came out… And only for a moment… My shot was perfectly lit…


“Picnic in Waiting” – Keystone State Park – Westmoreland County, PA – Across the lake from our “spot”… A lonely picnic table stares across the water… Sun setting on the abstract eyes of the landscape…


“Where Skies Collide” – Keystone State Park – Westmoreland County, PA – In my mind… In my personal dreams… This is where the rainbow ends… This is where heaven begins…

All photographs were shot at Keystone State Park in Westmoreland County, PA… They are all available for sale as prints… Please email me with any questions or requests at…

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2 thoughts on “Keystone State Park – Between Rain Showers

  1. I can smell the peace.


  2. Keystone state park is absolutely beautifull. The log cabin is fabulous. I hope you had a nice vacation there. We have a saying in Sweden that says “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing”. it means that if your are dressed properly you can enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather. Amazing pictures I hope that you share more of them from your trip.


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