Four Photographs of June – Beautiful Invaders


“Spotted Knapweed” – Hamnett Place Busway Trail – Wilkinsburg, PA – Growing on a trail I call “ambush alley”… The flowers that currently bloom are invaders… Either blown in by the wind… Or carried on the shoes of the prospective passengers… I have watched these empty beds develop over the past five years into beautiful gardens of wildflowers… Naturally…


“Butterfly on a Wineberry Blossom” – Hamnett Place Busway Trail – Wilkinsburg, PA – A perfect moment huddled in the bushes… Snapping photographs… When a small white butterfly popped into frame… For those of you who do not know what a wine berry is… It is like a blackberry… Tastes delicious… But it is aggressive-invasive… I mean seriously invasive… But the berries are so sweet I often find myself searching for them in the late summer…


“Red Grass Waterfall” – Hamnett Place Busway Trail – Wilkinsburg, PA – Red grass seedpods hanging over a bed of clovers… Overgrown urban spaces intrigue me… You never know what you will find… I am always amazed at what I can find growing in the most inhospitable locations…


“Mulberry Footsteps” -Hamnett Place Busway Trail – Wilkinsburg, PA – The Mulberry tree has the power to heal… From root to crown the Mulberry is a truly special tree… But it is also wickedly invasive… Birds eat the berries and “dispense” them everywhere… The result is this… Wasted fruit… Concrete that will be blue until winter… And air that smells of wine…

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