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"Man Made Militia" - © chriscondello 2013 - Frick Park - Pittsburgh, PA - Installation - Sculpture of stone -

“Man Made Militia” – © chriscondello 2013 – Frick Park – Pittsburgh, PA – Sculpture of Stone – I guess you could consider this an installation… Placed on the bank of Nine Mile Run… This spot just felt right… So I sat and played… They are roughly 4′ tall…

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My name is Chris Condello, and this is my corner of the Internet. I am an artist living in Wilkinsburg, a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA. Wilkinsburg is considered by many to be one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Allegheny County, but I feel it is important to remember communities that experience great decline will often experience greater renewal… I am just a tiny sampling of the people responsible for the renaissance Wilkinsburg is currently experiencing, in my eyes this community is about to come alive!

I am an urban gardener/farmer, guerrilla gardener, Penn State Master Gardener, photographer, environmentalist, activist, author, but most importantly… I am an artist… I have no education beyond high school… I’m just trying to figure this shit out as I go…

me3I have only been writing for a couple of years now… Prior to this I was a full-time heroin addict… But ever since I started writing… My life has gotten better… So I now consider myself a writer… Dare I say an author…

My blog is primarily geared towards gardening… But ultimately it is a collection of my personal work… Poetry… Artwork… Sculpture… Photography… And prose… Although I am a gardener… I actually consider myself an artist that uses plants as one of my mediums…

I used to consider myself a “food farmer” exclusively, when I built my last little urban farm all I was interested in was food, I was only interested in the physical yields that my plants could produce, it wasn’t until recent years that I began to feel the real power that a tree or plant can yield. I would like to see all gardeners recognize the true yield potential of a plant or tree, to look beyond the physical and begin looking at the meta-physical yields. We have a unique opportunity as gardeners to sculpt and shape the landscapes of our future, we are after all, installation artists.


“Swimmers” – © chriscondello 2013 – Wilkinsburg, PA – Dyed puddle, bleeding hearts and reflection – I have shot bleeding hearts from every angle imaginable… This has been my favorite angle so far…

Although I am a gardener, I am also an artist… I love to paint… I apparently love to write… And I love to create… But gardening is my favorite… The land is my canvas and plants and trees are my medium. I don’t just create my artwork for the physical yield I receive, I do it for the mental and spiritual yield I receive from it… and that is one of the things that will set me apart from the rest… one day at least… I hope… being a starving artist is not easy… well I guess I can’t say “starving” artist!

Photographic Prints available for purchase – http://society6.com/chriscondello

plant petunias and question everything – chriscondello

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