This is quite simply a list of my poetry… Because I write poetry now… Imagine that… I actually really enjoy it… And will continue to practice… The poems designated with a * are my favorites…

Peony Blossoms – Darkness Leads to Light

A Two Generation Army

Dreams of Paradise in Orange

Shelter from the Storm

Floating Sea of Green – Anonymous Mountains

Gray Skies and Green

Heaven and the Horizon

Composition in Scraps – Composing Me

Hyacinth Breeze – Naked Trees

Repaired into Ruins – Side by SIde

Photographic Confessions – Observations of Spring

Garden Prayer #5 – Spring Awakens

My God

Reflections of the Past – Money or Freedom

Free Yourself – Free Your Mind

Seeking Color – Seeking Spring

Breaking Through – Outside my Window

Borders and Ice – Equality

Green Collar

Seedlings and Trees – Green and Ice

Underneath the Snow

Late Bloomer

Snow Flakes and Flower Petals

Metaphysical Metamrphosis – Tragedy is a Seed

Personal Beliefs and the Bullies Who Try to Change Them

Garden Prayer #4 – Always Seek the Beautiful

Land of the Fee – Home of the Grave

Cold Weather Warms the Soul

Ashes to Ashes – In God I Trust

Falling on the Dreams of Whitney Avenue

Individuality – Make Your Own Way

November Evening – Autumn Dreaming

The Forest Falling

Slaying Dragons – Felon Dreaming

Sunshine Through the Fading Fall

First Frost – Pavement and Stones

Someone Like You

Autumn Evenings – Among the Asters

Decay to Blue – Common Unity

Garden Prayer #3 – My Guide

*The Glimmer Between – We All Must Crawl

Sweet Autumn Clematis – Falls Call

Into the Morning Blue

5 AM and All is Well

Warm Glow

Probable Cause

The Other Side of the Noose

– *Naked

The Simple Life – Weekend Greeting

Trees Have Feelings Too

Sculptural Energy

Scribbles from the Mind of a Struggling Soul

A Passion for Flowers

*Earth Angel

The Black Sheep

From Tree to Shining Tree

Eco Soldier – Resource Wars

Paved Waves – Asphalt Creeping

LGBT + S = Human

Residual Energy – Abandoned Hopes

24 Hours – Summer Solstice

Mountain State of Mind

Gardening in the Rain

Silent Misconception

Restless Friday Night

Morning Thoughts – Honeybee Drone

I’m Not a Starfish

Rainy Day Memories

Among the Wood Hyacinth

Political Outreach

Cherry Blossom Highway

Garden Prayer #2


Convict Dreaming

Hyacinth Breeze

Natural Obsession

Garden Prayer #1

The road to hell is paved by volunteers

Bubble Dreaming


Nature Trip

The eyes of spring


Big Budget Bully – 1984

Garden Dreaming

Dreaming of Spring

Everyone Deserves a Trial

Urban Scrivener

Lost and Lost

Free Range Man

Relate with a State Park

Turning Heads

My Home is Haunted

The 1% of the 99%

Government Gardener

Green Thumbed Vagabond

Waiting for the Sunrise

Trolling for Street Carp

Sleepy Head

Value Hue or Shade

Just Fix the Roof

Butterflies in the Hood

Last Confession

Run Away With Me


Occupy the Streetz

Line in the Sand

Catalog Sustainability


Waiting for Spring Blues


Whiskey and Water

Glass Always Full Kinda Guy

Beauty and the Bad Trip

Cell Phone Reality Check

Sunshine and Rainbows

Desperately Waiting for my Nuts to Freeze

Midnight Mischief

Apology to No One

Sleepy Eyes

Preston Freshly

Cats in the Can with the Broken Broom

Constructive Destruction

Cycles Repeat and Life Goes On

Snow Falls and Spirits Rise

peace – chriscondello

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