How blogging is teaching me to write

Never in a million years would I have imagined that I would enjoy writing, ask anyone that knows me and I’m sure that they will agree. I would describe it as a happy accident, an accident that has blossomed into something that is now always on my mind. Lately it has felt like a game of tetris with words, I am always mentally experimenting with combinations of words to see which ones harmoniously and understandably fit together like the pieces in a puzzle.

I did rather poorly in high school, so poorly in fact I wasn’t even sure I actually graduated until I had the diploma in my hand. I managed to attended two days of community college, but only made it to a handful of classes. I only recently started considering the idea of going back to school, but it seems so fucking far out of my reach that I sometimes feel intimidated to the point of stupidity.

I started writing my blog on a website that had an open blogging format that would allow anyone to keep a blog, the interesting thing for me looking back on the old posts is how shitty of a writer I was… I am not only learning how to write as I go, but spell as well… I still can’t believe that I enjoy this and have done it for over a year… Heres to many more!

I have found learning to write an extremely humbling experience, since I never paid attention in high school this blog is my only real experience writing anything… Imagine having to make all of the mistakes I am assuming you made while learning to write, on a public forum with a few of your friends reading!

Check out my first few posts ever here – My first three blog posts ever.- I started writing in July of 2011 on Transition Pittsburgh.

I was recently asked why I do not use capitals or put a space in my name, as far as writing is concerned I don’t feel that I have earned them yet… I may never feel that I have earned them. There are a lot of incredible writers who spent time and money going to school to learn to write, I just don’t feel that I have paid my dues yet.

peace – chriscondello

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