Practical Permaculture


This page is a list of links to my “Practical Permaculture” Posts

For my posts about trees –

End of an Era – Complementary Gardening

My 15 Minutes of Fame

Breaking Ground on Another Urban Garden

Sheet Mulching

N-P-K for N-E-1

Only the Oak Leaves Remain

Summer Reflections – Mint and Hugelkultur

Planting Under Fruit Trees – Part 2

On Guerrilla Gardening

– Planting Under Walnut Trees –

– Native Gardening in Urban Settings –

– Rehabilitating Discount Plants –

– Leaf Raking Alternatives –

– People… Beneficial or Pest?.. –

– Four-Legged Pests in the Urban Garden –

– The Urban Fire Pit –

– Caring for Herbaceous Perennials –

– Changing Spiritual Energy Through Gardening –

Planting Herbs Under Fruit Trees

– Water in Your Garden –

– The Art of Planting a Fruit Tree –

– The Vegetarian Compost Conundrum –

– Planting Under Pine Trees –

– Pallet Garden Cautions –

– Keeping Cats Out Of The Garden –

– Permaculture Is NOT Trademarked –

– Hugelkultur modified for urban gardens –

– How to buy plants –

– Urban Herb Benefits –

– Woodland mimicry in the garden –

– Gardening in the shade –

– Nuts about hazelnuts –

– Tripping out on ecology –

– Daffodils and hosts –

– Plants and phytoremediation –

– Planting and early care of fruit trees –

– Albedo and absorption of solar energy in the garden –

– The art of weeds – Reprise –

– Rehabilitation of fruit trees –

– The art of weeds –

– Rooting fig cuttings –

– Planting under fruit trees –

– Design –

– Rain Gardens –

– Comfrey cautions –

peace – chriscondello

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4 thoughts on “Practical Permaculture

  1. janpenguin says:

    I like to share this brilliant book. It explains how the Nature works in deeper levels.

    Living Energies: An Exposition of Concepts Related to the Theories of Viktor Schauberger, Callum Coats, 2001


  2. A rich collection of people creating beautiful landscape/capturing nature via pictures.


  3. Lynda says:

    What are the flowers in your photograph? The remind me of veronica… are they?


    • C.Condello says:

      It is Veronica… I got a few of them last year… Pretty tough plant…

      Thanks for reading… And I’m gonna have to thank petru for sending you over… I’m a fan of her work… And her blog…


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