Urban Splendor


“Desiccation” – Hamnett Way – Wilkinsburg, PA – A bundle of posies drying on a mangled sheet of particle board… Most likely a product of one of the neighborhood children… Inspiration comes from the most unlikely places… In this case… The toxic backyard of a neighborhood abandoned house…


“Constant Volunteer” – Whitney Avenue – Wilkinsburg, PA – I have no idea where this Columbine came from… It just appeared in my garden one year…


“Yellow Goatsbeard” – Wilkinsburg, PA – blooming above the fallen Viburnum blossoms…


“Posed” – Garden Dreams – Wilkinsburg, PA – Possibly the only nursery in Pittsburgh that requires shoppers to watch out for the chickens…


“Volunteer Columbine” – Garden Dreams – Wilkinsburg, PA – I love to poke around this place with my camera… I can always find something to photograph…


“Get That Nectar” – Hamnett Place Community Garden – Wilkinsburg, PA


“Blue Jay” – Whitney Avenue -Wilkinsburg, PA – Birds in urban environments are used to the presence of humans… I can’t believe how close I can get… This Blue Jay has been getting really close…


“Practice – Taller Than I” – Hamnett Way – Wilkinsburg, PA – Had to clean up my pile of stone… Thought this was the best way to do it… Still standing… Five days and strong…

plant petunias and question everything – chriscondello

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2 thoughts on “Urban Splendor

  1. Yes, it is amazing how tame birds in urban gardens can be!


  2. Fabulous! All of it.

    Posed makes me want to let the chickens out for a run.


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